Luxury car rental is a great way to experience a new city and feel the thrill of driving your dream car without having to spend over 100k. It gives customers the option to switch cars anytime they get bored with one. It also allows you to enjoy the car only when you need it. Instead of having to find a place to store it and maintain it while you’re not driving you can just rent it when you need it. The most sought after supercars can be rented when you want. Here are some tips and tricks from the pros if you’re interested in renting a luxurious car.

Best cities to rent a Luxury car

Luxury car rental and exotic car rentals are available across the United States but there are some cities that are more popular to rent these high-performance cars.


Vegas Exotic Car Rental

Drive down the Las Vegas strip and you’ll see exotics everywhere. This is one of the most popular places to rent an exotic car. If it’s your first time driving an exotic car in Vegas you can opt-in for a 4 hour rental to experience one of these marvelous sports cars. Drive your favorite exotic car rentals in Vegas the next time you’re in sin city.

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Miami Exotic Car Rental

Miami luxury car rental is a very popular option. Miami is by far the most popular place for exotic car rentals and luxury car rental. The weather is sunny most of the year and its the perfect destination to rent a convertible. Lamborghini Huracan Spyder and Rolls Royce Dawn are some of the most popular choices. To learn more you can see this article that talks about the best luxury car rental in Miami.


Los Angeles Exotic Car Rental

Beverly Hills exotic car rentals are also very popular. The sun is always shining in LA which makes for a perfect spot to rent a convertible exotic car. You can drive down Rodeo drive behind the wheel of your dream car for the weekend. Exotic cars like the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder and Aventador Roadster are the top choice in Los Angeles. We found this article with the best luxury car rental in LA


New York Exotic Car Rental

New York is also popular for luxury car rentals. The most popular ones are luxury SUVs. The big apple is the perfect place to try out a Lamborghini URUS or Bentley Bentayga rental. New York luxury car rentals are very popular specially chauffeur services. If you prefer to be driven you can hire a luxury chauffeur to take you around town in style. The most popular choice is to hire a Rolls Royce with a driver.


The price of a luxury car rental

you can be certain that if you’re looking to rent a luxury or exotic car it won’t be cheap. These cars can cost over $300,000 to buy so renting one will cost you. When you get a quote you should consider what risk the owner is taking when they hand the keys. It’s a high-risk business that involves handing over the keys to a car that costs as much as a house to someone that is not experienced in driving it.


The first thing to consider when you rent an exotic car or a luxury car is where it will be stored. You can’t just park a bunch of Ferrari rentals and Lamborghini rentals on the side of the road. These cars are very delicate and require special storage arrangements.

Luxury car rental services have to keep these high valued assets away from sun, rain and bad weather. The cars also have to be kept clean and secure so that no one steals them. A high-security warehouse with a security guard is usually required to make sure that they don’t get vandalized or stolen.


Another factor that is very important is the depreciation of the car. Exotic cars depreciate at a very high rate specially when they start to have higher mileage. This is something important to consider in the price to rent a luxury vehicle. Rental cars usually start to get a lot of scratches and dings after a couple of years and thus lowering the value even more.

Maintenance is another thing people don’t consider the price to rent a luxury car. Customers looking to rent a supercar usually don’t have experience driving and can damage the car in time. Rapid acceleration and hard braking can quickly cause mechanical issues that are expensive to repair.


Repairs are usually done by the dealer or an authorized exotic car mechanic that charges a large amount. There is also downtime when the car is being repaired. The cost to rent exotic cars also varies depending on the destination you choose.

There are cheaper options as well like a Porsche Boxster that will run you around $395 per day or you can go all out with a supercar like a Lamborghini Aventador for $1995 per day.

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How to get the best deal on a luxury car rental

When you’re searching online for an exotic car rental service you need to find a place with a lot of options. In order to get the best deal, you can use a concierge or luxury car rental broker.


Diamond Exotic Rentals is a popular option for the best exotic rental cars. A concierge service can help you get the best deal on a premium rental car. They provide an exotic car rental service with more options then if you were to choose one agency.

Luxury car rental VS exotic car rental 

Exotics and luxury car rentals vary on many levels. Exotics are built for speed with aerodynamic styling and powerful engines. Luxury rental cars are more geared to quiet cabins and silent motors that can barely be heard even when you floor it.


Luxury car rentals provide a smooth luxurious experience. They offer features like doors that close with the touch of a button, exotic wood veneers, hand-stitched bespoke leather interiors, and elegant exterior designs. The most frequently requested options are Bentley Rentals and Rolls Royce Rentals.

Exotic car rentals have loud powerful engines and aggressive exterior styling The most requested exotic cars are from brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari. These cars look like spaceships and fighter jets.

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